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Small Business ACCOUNTability

There are few companies that would not benefit from the advice and knowledge of an experienced accounting professional, but hiring a company with that level of expertise is an expensive proposition that goes well beyond the budget of most small and medium-sized businesses.  Outsourcing your accounting services gives you the ability to get the guidance you need on developing plans that will make your company profitable and provide you with financial management leadership without having to pay a full-time salary and benefits.

 Services include:

  • Reconciling your bank accounts

  • Generating and reviewing financial statements

  • Helping you with budgeting

  • Cash flow management

  • Creating a tax strategy and preparing tax returns

Maybe most important of all, I will be there with you every step of the way, making sure that you understand what is happening with your accounting processes and financial plan at every turn.

I will help you:

  • Get a clearer understanding of your financial situation, so you don't feel lost or confused about what's going on with financials

  • Know where things stand, and how to improve it.  Get your accounting software set up/cleaned, and set up processes and procedures to manage your documentation.

  • Start moving in the right direction, improving cash flow and increasing profitability

  •  Move forwards with confidence, faster and with less effort, and less stress.  Reignite your passion for and feel more excited about your business.

  • Be held ACCOUNTable as the CEO of your business

ACCOUNTability Options

Let us take away your stress and give you back your time. Choose your perfect package today.

6 Weeks of ACCOUNTability

  • Ideal for businesses that need support on a budget

  • Set Up or Clean up Accounting Systems and Processes

  • Attend 2 Month of The ACCOUNTability Lab

90 Days of ACCOUNTability

  • Includes 6 Weeks of ACCOUNTability

  • 90 Days of 1:1 ACCOUNTability Coaching

  • Set Up and Test Accounting Processes and Procedures

  • FREE Tax Planning Consultation

Annual ACCOUNTability

  • For businesses who want to accelerate their growth

  • Includes 90 Days of ACCOUNTability

  • Monthly ACCOUNTability Coaching

Budget Tight

Schedule an ACCOUNTability VIP Day. An intense 1:1 session where we sort through your accounting and outline a plan for you to get your accounting under control. You will have a Pre and Post session and get access to 1 month of the ACCOUNTability Lab.

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“I love the way you work. I recall seeing you present at the in-person SCORE event and thinking, “I have to talk to her”. You are very helpful and I personally am grateful for all of the goodness that you spread to make accounting not so intimidating. ”

R Stewart
Business Owner