About Our Firm

Merriman Tax Services LLC is located in Long Beach, California and is an expert in all areas of California taxes. We can help with individual or business taxes, tax preparation, and tax planning services.

Meet the Founder

Successful entrepreneur Alicia Merriman encountered a work life balance while trying to maintain a Corporate Accounting job. Realizing that while there was still a passion for accounting and business, the job was slowly killing her soul while missing moments with her daughter and husband. Knowing that she couldn’t and didn’t want to keep up the lifestyle anymore, along with the idea that the same work could be done from home (before COVID-19). Alicia set out on her journey as an entrepreneur and Merriman Tax Services (MTS) was born!

Understanding the transition needed to meet the challenge of moving from operating in a corporate America setting to a small-medium sized company was the first step. Alicia had to first identify now as a business owner what her dreams are, as well as understand where she currently stood to identify what must be true to help evolve her dream into a reality.

Merriman Tax Services now assists Small to Medium sized business owners world-wide. Every innovation and decision is geared towards saving the business owner time allowing them to focus on doing what they love to do and – crucially – providing them with a game plan on how to run their companies' finances without their financial running them. It’s about strategy, not reactionary.